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Pink Lotus Iron On Patch

A pretty and elegant lotus for a calming feel. Tranquil horizons and rosy dawns.


Easy iron on application so no need to sew it! Perfect for a backpack, jacket or to customize other clothing.


Size: 3.5" x 2.8" / 9cm x 7cm

Pink Lotus Iron On Patch

  • • Find a nice, hard flat surface to iron on.

    • Set your iron to the hottest setting, but don't put any water into the iron.

    • While the iron is heating up, find an old t-shirt or thin pillowcase that you wouldn't mind having a burn mark on it. This will be your pressing cloth and always be between the patch and the iron.

    • Line up the patch where you want it, cover it with the pressing cloth, drop the iron on it, and press down hard for 45-60 seconds.

    • Don't move the iron back-and-forth like you are pressing a shirt, just press straight down and let the patch absorb all the heat.

    • You will be melting a thin layer of adhesive on the back of the patch into a hot tacky glue. Some thinner patches will take less time than thicker patches.

    • Wrap your finger in a towel and as soon as the iron comes off, use your covered finger (the patch will be scalding hot) to press the patch into the item it is being ironed onto.

    • Allow to fully cool before testing to see how well the patch stuck. If you need to touch up a corner or you think it should attach more firmly, repeat the above steps with an additional 10-15 seconds added to the pressing time.

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